A Temporary Lapse...

...there hasn't been much going on for the past couple of months, so we've had nothing to post. Sgt. Guinta is currently working on a piece to jump start this blog, which will in some way be the 'official' intro and kick-off of our collaboration. Until then here are a couple links you may want to click.

A write up of the unit in the Sarasota Herald Tribune - http://www.heraldtribune.com/article/20090926/ARTICLE/909261049/2066/NEWS?Title=Florida-Guard-set-to-deploy

Past six months of training - http://www.atlaspressphoto.com/_ATLASPRESS_/ga_multi_list.asp?adSearch=&searchtype=0&searchtext=nigel+gray&ssSearchtype=1&ga_category=&within=0&ga_country=&x=32&y=11&cType=1&fDate=1900-01-01&tDate=2009-10-25&orient=0&color=0&photographer=



If you are reading this, you are most likely a friend or family member but in the rare case that you aren't, here is an explanation of this blog. The Exodus, co-authored by photojournalist Nigel Gray and Sgt. Francis Giunta, will provide insight into the training and deployment of the Florida National Guard 53rd Infantry Brigade Combat Team. The authors' separate, yet equally important perspectives, will manifest as they are expressed through words and photographs on their various experiences while in theater.

So to sum it all up, this blog was formed to share photos and the ramblings on The Exodus of the American Army in Iraq. We hope you enjoy reading.