...Monochrome...part V...

...well this is most likely the last photos that will be going up. I hope the few of you who read this enjoyed the writings and photos. If anything new comes up I will post up on here, but at this point, this is The Exodus signing off.

- The Exodus


...Monochrome...part III...

...so I'm pretty positive not many people read this anymore or browse the photos, but until I run out of photos, I'm going to keep posting.

- The Exodus


...Monochrome...part I...

...it would appear this blog is winding down, but it's not dead yet. I have a bunch of black and whites that I shot on Andrew's Konica Hexar. Brilliant little camera. I still have four rolls to develop, but as of now I have enough to fill up three more entries. Hope you enjoy.

- The Exodus