A Temporary Lapse...

...there hasn't been much going on for the past couple of months, so we've had nothing to post. Sgt. Guinta is currently working on a piece to jump start this blog, which will in some way be the 'official' intro and kick-off of our collaboration. Until then here are a couple links you may want to click.

A write up of the unit in the Sarasota Herald Tribune - http://www.heraldtribune.com/article/20090926/ARTICLE/909261049/2066/NEWS?Title=Florida-Guard-set-to-deploy

Past six months of training - http://www.atlaspressphoto.com/_ATLASPRESS_/ga_multi_list.asp?adSearch=&searchtype=0&searchtext=nigel+gray&ssSearchtype=1&ga_category=&within=0&ga_country=&x=32&y=11&cType=1&fDate=1900-01-01&tDate=2009-10-25&orient=0&color=0&photographer=