...The Road Home...part II...

...I must first explain why it has been so long since I've updated this blog. Currently I am in the Great White North visiting family and dealing with a handful of family health issues. I could spend the next two paragraphs going on with woe is me, but I will spare the few of you who read this...but if you believe in prayer or if you are just a finger crosser, get to work because my family needs it! So that being said, I have not had time to get on my computer in the past week or so and update with photos.

Also, Giunta apparently has writers block...still, so feel free to leave nasty comments telling him to get going so we have some new writings up as well.

- The Exodus


...The Road Home...part I...

..this will probably be a five to six part series, so hang in there. Here are photos of us coming home. From loading up the trucks to stepping off the plane....and then much more. Giunta is currently working on a new post as well, but it would appear he is having writer's block, so once he is done it will go up.

- The Exodus


...Transfer of Authority...

...a week or so before we left the Florida National Guard 1-124th Infantry had a Transfer of Authority ceremony with the New Hampshire National Guard 1/201st Field Artillery of the 197th Brigade. The purpose of the ceremony is to hand over responsibility of carrying out the mission which the 1-124th had been given. Below are a few photos from this ceremony.

- The Exodus


...Award Ceremony...

...for the next week or so I will be posting photos up of the last couple weeks while we were overseas. I've been a bit lazy and finally motivated myself to starting sorting out the photos and edit them. Below is a brief ceremony that was held for the Soldiers in Bravo Co......and one civilian! The light was awful,  so the photos aren't the greatest, but it was important to still photograph. The conclusion of our journey is finally here.

- The Exodus