...Holga...Part I...

...so it would appear that I lost track of how expensive it is to develop 120mm film. For that reason alone I can see why the hipster apps for the Iphone and Droid have become so popular. People can't afford to use the real thing! Here are some shots from Iraq taken on my Holga.

- The Exodus


...The Road Home...part VI...

...last few photos from The Road Home portion. They are not very exciting, just what I did Christmas day, cleaned all my gear and put it in a box. It now sits and waits for my next trip. Giunta has been working on a few new posts, not sure when they will be up, so hang in there. I also finally got my Holga stuff developed and will be posting those photos at a later date. I have yet to develop the black & white rolls I shot, but I will be shortly.

- The Exodus



...The Road Home...part IV...

...families of the 53rd IBCT welcome home the men and women who served over in Kuwait/Iraq.

- The Exodus


...The Road Home...part III...

...who is one of the first people that greeted us after being gone for a year? Santa of course!

- The Exodus