...Monochrome...part V...

...well this is most likely the last photos that will be going up. I hope the few of you who read this enjoyed the writings and photos. If anything new comes up I will post up on here, but at this point, this is The Exodus signing off.

- The Exodus


...Monochrome...part III...

...so I'm pretty positive not many people read this anymore or browse the photos, but until I run out of photos, I'm going to keep posting.

- The Exodus


...Monochrome...part I...

...it would appear this blog is winding down, but it's not dead yet. I have a bunch of black and whites that I shot on Andrew's Konica Hexar. Brilliant little camera. I still have four rolls to develop, but as of now I have enough to fill up three more entries. Hope you enjoy.

- The Exodus


...Holga...Part II...

...more photos of us coming home...Been developing black and white as well, should have them up next week. Giunta just informed me he should have new stuff any day, so we should have some new writings soon.

- The Exodus


...Holga...Part I...

...so it would appear that I lost track of how expensive it is to develop 120mm film. For that reason alone I can see why the hipster apps for the Iphone and Droid have become so popular. People can't afford to use the real thing! Here are some shots from Iraq taken on my Holga.

- The Exodus